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Symbian Logo Guys, it's time. If someone want to apply, as Graduate or (better) as Professional... it is a pleasure for me to do. Actually I'm thinking about: - Alexa - Faucho - Ugo

Other good candidates, but that I think not interested are: - SbatMan - Biondo - Eligio - Nemo - Ayor - Luke

But, if someone wants to apply, let me know. Go on http://www.symbian.com/about/careers/index.html for more details and vacancies. The Graduate program is the same I did... and can be a good idea for you too.

What do you need? To be: - A good programmer - Smart - Understand and Speak a minimum of English - C++, also basically (for Graduates)... but Intelligently (Do you see what I mean?) - Understand a minimum of how an Operating System work

Let me know. It's not a Joke: for you it can be future, for me can be Money (I ear up to £2000 if they take you ;) )

ps. This is ONLY for people that I know "physically", sorry ;)

Updated 2007-05-25:

  1. I forget to add Ayor and Luke.
  2. The Graduate Program starts on September/October: just sign it on the Calendar, prepare a beautiful CV, study Symbian OS (I can give you details on books (and pdfs...)) and try Carbide.C++ 1.2 from the Nokia Website. I'll take you informed.

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