Play with Xcode build settings

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xcode screen

In order to become an effective Xcode user, you need to understand two major Xcode concepts. The first is how Xcode projects are defined and organized. The second is how the Xcode build system takes the targets that are defined in your projects and turns them into products.
There is a lot of flexibility in the Xcode build system for customization, so you can choose to keep your settings simple or make them as complex as you like. But for most purposes, a basic understanding of how build settings and build configurations work will make this topic easy to master—once you have these concepts clear, you can choose the settings that work best for you.

Link: Working with Xcode Build Settings.

This is the last tutorial released from Apple for the “Developers”. This “ocean” of informations, guide, guidelines, how-to that Apple are releasing on its Developer Site (ADC - Apple Developer Connection) demostrates/evidences one important things: Apple believes itself! Apple believes that it can do the “boom”!