Why I love UK? A Bit of Blair and Fry

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A bit of Blair and Fry Few days ago I had changed the subtitle of my [en:weblog]

Consider yourself Perfectible makes you Perfect!

It’s not about me… or, better, it’s not ONLY about me. It’s about EVERYTHING. About Countries too. What it means? Follow me…

Today I have listened (and readed) this podcast entitled “PM (Prime Minister) and Stephen Fry reflect on modern Britishness”: it’s the newest podcast from the website of 10, Downing Street. I have discovered it also, after the one about the Queen.

As you can see, it’s an interesting discussion between [en:Tony_Blair Tony Blair] and the great [en:Stephen_Fry Stephen Fry] about the Culture, the Morals, the Multi-Culturalism and the last-10-years Growth of the [en:United_Kingdom UK].
The discussion go through the various arguments not in a extremelly formal way, but with “A Bit of Humor” (in particular thanks to Fry ;) ), demonstrating the capaciousness of the PM too of “[en:Take_it_Easy take it easy]”.

In my opinion, it does not fall in banality but, instead, demonstrates the attention of the UK’s Institution regards new technology, youth’s needs and the weight to be a country where “people want to come to live”. Fry and Blair, indisputably proud to be British, don’t forget to remember and underline “what remains to do”; to highlight that “they are not perfect”.

But, I’m not looking for a perfect country: I’m looking for something like [en:United_Kingdom|this]!. A Country that TAKE CARE OF ME!

Source, TUAW.

p.s. What’s? About the title? British friends probably remember [en:A_Bit_of_Fry_and_Laurie|Stephen and Hugh], do they not? p.p.s. Thank you to Lelly: the sentence “Consider yourself Perfectible makes you Perfect” was created during a conversation between us. The original version was in Italian:

Ritenersi Perfettibili Rende Perfetti!