I'm looking for a Flatmate

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Hi. This post is for any Londoner that is looking for a flatmate or a lodger… and that waste their time on my weblog ;) .

I’m looking for a long-term accomodation in [en:London]: a studio or a flat (also shared with max 3/4 people). I’m looking for something furnished, with 1 or 2 bathroom (for a better sharing), kitcken with all amenities, washer, fridge and so on. Better if renewed.

I’d like to be contacted by email for now, because I’m still in Italy. A view of the Accomodation could be sorted in March: I’ll come for few (3/5) days for a briefing for my new job. It could be a good occasion. My schedule (to be confirmed) is:

  • 11th - available in the evening
  • 12th - available starting from 5/6 o'clock pm
  • 13th - available starting from 5/6 o'clock pm
  • 14th - available starting from 5/6 o'clock pm
  • 15th - available all day
  • 16th - available all day
  • 17th - available but under departure

Details on me follows.

I’ll come beacuse a contract as Software Engineer in Symbian Ltd. And I predict to move finally the first days of April: I’d want to come a week before at least.

How to contact me? Just comment this post: I’ll recontact you as soon as possible (10 minutes ;) )!

Anyway, my profile is also on http://uk.easyroommate.com/: the ID is L070214164434345.