HiEuro 0.2

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Here we are. 0.2. 0.2 of nothing but a “divertissment” which help me to learn better and better the Cocoa Framework, and discover all the magic stuff it does.

HiEuro screenshot - version 0.2

The release notes is:

0.2 (2007-09-09)
  • Support for Italian, Spanish, French and German (Thanks to Manu).
  • New "Preferences" panel to set the "Default Currency" to convert from/to and the "Default Currency Ammount" to set at the application startup (Thanks to the Alhandra's suggestion).
  • Remove a Bug in the "German Mark" definition (I wrote "Deutsche Mark" in the English version :P )
  • One important aspect I learnt is how to bind Preferences to the User Defaults (the Cocoa default preferences system). Pratically, the one that generates, for every app, a file .plist in your ~/Library/Preferences directory. Unix-Style joined with Apple-Style.

    Who is interested, I updated the HiEuro page with Binary and Source of the version 0.2. so, don’t be shy! ;)