HTML 5: I still love the Web

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HTML Who knows me better, knows that I love the [en:WWW|Web]. So, I was seeking for info about the next generation of web.

What I mean with “next generation”? I mean “what we can expect to see in the future”. And the best place, is to go were people (with good skills) go and start to discuss and brainstorm about this stuff.

I found a very interesting pre-RFC: HTML 5 Working Draft. All the amazing and cool stuff are coming are there and is pointless for me to report them (just one: Client-Side Persistency!!! COOOOL!). But it’s interesting to see WHO is working on this. I mean, who is ALREADY thinking about what we will have in the “next World Wide Web”.

... Editor: Ian Hickson, Google, © Copyright 2004-2007 Apple Computer, Inc., Mozilla Foundation, and Opera Software ASA. You are granted a license to use, reproduce and create derivative works of this document.

Ian Hickson. He is famous in “our” world but I never spent a minute taking a look to his CV. And his “poor” (for a person that does what he does) web site.

Tripping around his web page, he is doing his favourite work… in the best place possible to do this (Google).

Besides, another interesting thing to notice is the name of the companies working with him (or, better, that seems to own this VERY IMPORTANT document): Apple, Mozilla and Opera. Why Google is missing if the they pay the Employee?