Phonebooth on Mount Sinai

  • 890 words

Moses didn't know what to do any more with those idiots. So he decides to go out for a wander. The pressure was too much. He knew that, sooner or later, they will just crash his skull with a stone. He needed a plan. He needed a way to survive (both him and them!), without ruining it all. Without having ... read more

PhantomJS 1.9.6 vs 1.9.7: what went wrong?

  • 315 words

tl;dr; Latest stable release of PhantomJS is 1.9.7, and you should probably go and download it. It contains GhostDriver 1.1.0 "Banquo", and that's it. 1.9.6, released not more than 2 weeks ago (1 week?), was a coordination went wrong and I take part of the responsibility for it. Just discard that release. What's the long story? So, for a few ... read more

GhostDriver 1.1.0: codename "Banquo"

  • 769 words

It's long overdue. Last time I have cut a release of GhostDriver (1.0.4) was... July 2013. And blogged about it only in August!!! I gotta take a look at my GitHub commits over the 2013: something tells me that year-in-commits nicely overlaps with my eventful 2013. But let's try to stay on topic. So, GhostDriver 1.1.0, codename "Banquo". This time ... read more

Oldboy: 10 years later

  • 505 words

It was 10 years ago. A night just like this one. Winter. Everyone in the house was asleep. Well, Leonardo isn't really sleeping right now but you get the idea. I was alone in the kitchen. Alone with the TV, an .avi file and an .srt file. I had just started watching movies in foreign language and during the week ... read more


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Puff, Pant! THAT was not easy! But finally, "normality" seems not too far away. Many things have happened in the recent months: we got married; I helped my lovely wife with the pregnancy (well, she did all the hard work); and, on the 7th of November, we have became parents of this beauty: Leonardo Antonio DE MARINO-SIMOLA Now, we have ... read more

GhostDriver 1.0.4, blog migration and blogging too little

  • 275 words

Yes, I'm not blogging enough. Yes, it's a shame that the world can't read my terrible English on a more regular basis. Yes, I'm lazy. Well, here is a quick update for the few eager souls I have let down. GhostDriver I have release GhostDriver 1.0.4 - "Arghan Div". It should be released in the upcoming PhantomJS 1.9.2. The code ... read more

I'm off. See you in 2 weeks.

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This message is for the few souls that care. This is for the few people that maybe are waiting for me to fix/implement stuff on GhostDriver or PhantomJS (for the latter you have coverage, as the team on that is rich of geniuses - so you won't miss my average-hood). I'm getting married (crazy, right?) and will be mostly off-line. ... read more

GhostDriver 1.0.3 is out!

  • 160 words

After few months of endless nights trying to figure out what I screwed up and where, I'm finally happy (enough) to release GhostDriver 1.0.3 into the wild. This release is an hardening release: this means that it's focused on bug-fixing and very little new features have been added. GhostDriver 1.0.3 will be part of the upcoming PhantomJS 1.9 release, do ... read more

Me @ Selenium Camp 2013

  • 121 words

Selenium Camp 2013 has been a great experience. Not only I hanged out with great people, but, for the first time in my life, I also got to savour a little bit of Ukraine in Kiev. VERY friendly people (really friendly). GREAT food. WELL-ORGANISED conference. What else could I ask for? My talk The title of my talk is Getting ... read more

Console++ - enhance your console

  • 139 words

I need a logger for GhostDriver but I'm too lazy to figure out how to use a nice, proper logging library. Plus I'm a BIG fun of old-school-debugging: I just substituted all the printf() calls with console.log. So I decide to make every JavaScript developer shiver in disgust and wrote a small library that enhances the global console object. This ... read more