XCode meets Mono

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Photo of a Mono And... seems to be a nice meeting. ;) After a lot of development, the comunity surrounding the project realeases last stable version of Mono.

What about [en:MacOSX|Mac OS X]? Here is a dedicated page on the official wiki of Mono. And, in particular, I'm happy to highlight a tutorial/howto about XCode and Mono integration: CSharpPlugin.

I know that [en:Mono(software)|Mono] is the open-source implementation of en:.NET_Framework|.Net, and that I hate [en:Microsoft|M$], but... I can't hate a framework. It's like to hate the [en:Plutonium] because we make the [en:AtomicBomb] with it! ;)


  1. I have had a little experience with Mono (a [en:Gecko(layoutengine)|Gecko#] and [en:GTK_Sharp|GTK#] based browser)... and it was very good. In particular, I like delegates very much.
  2. <li>.Net and [en:C_Sharp|C#] specification are standardized at the [en:Ecma_International|ECMA]: it's one of the few times that M$ does things in the right way.</li></ol>

    Source, TUAW.

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