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Google AppEngine In the last period I'm spending some time working with Google AppEngine: if you don't know what is it, be ashamed! :P

I would like to highlight a couple of interesting resources that can make the life of who works with this framework/hosting platform/cloud computing system easier:

  • Google AppEngine Cookbook with a lot of good recipe (there are few now, written by the Googlers, but I'm sure it's gona blow up soon)
  • The App Gallery, with a lot of interesting applications already in production phase
  • A set of Articles on "how to do this and that" (sort of little CookBook)
  • <li>The <a href="">Django Documentation about Templates (v0.96)</a>: the Template engine used in AppEngine (a superb one, I must say)</li>

  • The official Project Blog, with news, tips, tricks and other stuff

It was long time I was planning to learn Python: AppEngine looked like the right way to do so and jump on the Guido's carriage.

What I'm working on? Nothing special, nothing comples, nothing huge. This time, Simplicity is the keyword. ;-)

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