Google Chrome: Is it the next generation of Browsers?

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Google Chrome I don't have an answer to this, it's too early (we don't even have a screenshot of it). But I strongly suggest to take a look a the Google Chrome Comic Book: a very new, fresh, funny and precise (!!!) way to introduce an incoming software.

They discuss a lot of different topics:

  • Problems they wanted to solve
  • <li>Performance</li>
    <li>Process Isolation</li>
    <li>Javascript VM and Performance</li>
    <li>Phishing and Malware</li>
    <li>UI principles</li>

Very interesting. And, again, very innovative.

Ah, the Rendering Engine they chosen is... WebKit (what a surprise!!! ;-) ) and... it's fully open source.

An early leaked screenshot follows. <!--more-->

Chrome Preview Screenshot

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