Luigi Tenco's changing hope

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Grillo talks about a mail that a good friend of Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli, sends to it. In the mail Paoli talks about:

... Another journalist who wants to ask me about Luigi. But I believe that a friend should leave him in peace. They say that things about his death are not clear, but who is it that has so much interest in knowing the truth? Journalists? Finally they'll write their own piece. They'll have the article on the front page. The magistrate? He too will have some exposure. Friends that knew him? The true friends stay silent and don't try to profit by going to the TV or the newspapers....

Full article here.

Personally, I’m really demotivated and sad about the Italy status: no justice, no democracy, no information’s freedom. And it’s very meaningful that the right reasoning comes from persons like Grillo, a comedian.

I hope a day “… it’ll change you’ll see…”, but Italy it’s a “politically and democratically” devasted country right now. Every media, every “information channel” check and filter his message with the only target of CONTROL PEOPLE.

Only persons like Grillo say the right thing: inquire by yuorself, search for information on the WWW internet, read newspapers of other country. Only in that way you can KNOW THE TRUTH.