Intel rolls out Viiv technology, dual-core laptop processors

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Intel at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Thursday unveiled two platforms and several content alliances that provide the foundation for new experiences from digital entertainment and wireless laptops -- and include the new high-performance, low-power Intel Core Duo processor...
Intel Viiv technology-based entertainment PCs will help make it easier for families to download, store, view, manage and share all kinds of digital entertainment and information on a choice of TV, PC, laptop and hand-held viewing screens, the company said. Intel announced a new Centrino Duo mobile technology that will improve performance and battery life for the wireless laptop market segment. The company also introduced its Core Duo processor, a powerful dual core silicon supporting the Intel Centrino Duo and certain Intel Viiv technology models. The processor is equipped to deliver performance-per-watt efficiency, which will allow for new, sleek designs for entertainment PCs, notebooks and CE-like devices.

Are several months that Intel announces various new tech for our (;)) future macs: Intel Viiv, Dual Core processors, use of NAND memory instead of the HDD… but, I think is not enought: where are 64bits? :evil:

Source, AppleInsider.