Shiira 1.2.1 released

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Shiira logo A new version of this very powerfull browser was released.

We released Shiira 1.2.1. It is the Universal Binary. Shiira can run natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Mac. And we implemented the auto filling feature. Your user names and passwords are automatically filled in the Web form. They are stored in the Keychain which is a standard password management tool of Mac OS X. What's new of 1.2.1
  • Build as Universal Binary
  • Implemented the auto filling

I’m a FireFox lover (I need the various plugins, expecially the Web Developer Plugin) but… Shiira is a GREAT project based on the GREAT WebKit engine.

I had it installed and I use it as replacement for Safari (too simple/poor application for me…).

Source, Melablog.