Oracle: 10.3 JDeveloper and OC4J released

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OTN Logo I’m not an Oracle developer. I’m not an Oracle DB Manager. I’m not an Oracle Java Developer. I’m an Eclipse lover since Eclipse 3.0M* releases but, because of the power of Oracle, I had ever followed our development in the Java-Development-World.

5 days ago I Oracle sent to me information the release of JDeveloper 10.3 and OC4J 10.3 (Oracle Container for Java - our Application Server), and today I spent a little amount of time looking at the new features of JDeveloper and looking the interesting flash-screencast-demos.

Obviously, these product are available for Linux, Windows, MacOSX and… any Java-Enabled systems.

It seems to be very interesting software: ok ok, it’s not Open Source… but it’s Free (of cost) and it’s very powerfull. I strongly suggest to give it a chance!.

And, if you don’t know it, Oracle is an Eclipse Add-In Provider and it’s not impossible to have a plugin Eclipse produced directly from Oracle.

Update: Oracle’s ADF Faces donation to Apache. Oracle is not completelly indifferent respect the OpenSource. It’s not?