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Davyd Madeley has released a “coming soon features list” of Gnome 2.14.

Really interesting new features for Gnome users: <ul>

  • Speed improvement in Memory Allocation System (Gnome use a dedicated subsystem for this stuff), using a new mem-allocator called GSlice (follow a benchmark), and in Font Rendering (Gnome Terminal will be fastest of XTerm 8O )
  • <li>some Administrative tools</li>
    <li>improvement to the integrated search system (expecially for <a href="http://beaglewiki.org/Main_Page">Beagle</a>-Enabled linux-box)</li>
    <li>Metacity improvement (<strong>it will use OpenGL... but I don't know if this means the integration with <a href="http://www.detronizator.org/2006/02/11/xgl-opengl-sempre-piu-prepotentemente-sui-nostri-desktop/">Xgl/Compiz</a></strong>)</li>
    <li>... and much <a href="http://www.gnome.org/~davyd/gnome-2-14/">more</a></li></ul>

    Here, a little benchmark for the new mem-allocator:

    mem allocator benchmark Performance comparison of GMemChunk (older allocator), Malloc and GSlice with 1, 5, 10 and 20 threads each doing 1 million allocations and deallocations of a GList.

    Source, OSSBlog.