NATO-ASI: Magnetic Nanostructure School

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School Announcement

This school brings together scientists and engineers interested in recent developments of magnetism. Emphasis is placed on micro-electromechanical systems and spintronic applications.


The objective of the school is to propose a synergic junction between the characteristic expertise of the engineering and the knowledge of the basic science. The main effect should be a cross-cultural fertilization favoring an interdisciplinary enrichment for the attendants and their research perspectives. The program of the school will cover a wide area in the domain of the science and technology of magnetic nanostructures and microsystems. The lectures are organized in four main topics: Spintronics; Magmas (magnetic MEMS and NEMS for micromachines, microrobotics and microsystem technology); Magnetic recording; Magnetic Nanoscience.

The school was ideated from the Magnetism Research Group - University of Messina (Italy) and will start in Villa San Giovanni - Scilla, Calabria, Italy 2 - 15 July 2006.

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