SketchUp Google Earth Plugin

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With the SketchUp Google Earth plugin, you can use Google Earth to view 3D models in their real-world context. You’re no longer limited to just viewing the world through satellite imagery; now you can build on the tapestry provided by Google Earth.

Whether you want to create presentations of proposed developments, share a building you’ve designed, or view a model in context, you’ll find the combination of SketchUp and Google Earth provide you with a great venue to express your creativity.

Google has bought @Last Software previously owned by Brad Schell this new plugin enhancing the possibility of integration between architectonic-productions and the amazing Google Earth Engine. Very interesting plugin for Google Earth.

There are much example models right now: SketchUp World Headquarters, Google Campus, 3D Basecamp, Statue of Liberty, Dulles International Airport (IAD), Acropolis in Greece, Himeji Castle (Japan), Velodrome (Colorado), (the Real) Area 51.

Ah, the plugin is available for every platform that runs G.Earth ;) . Source, MacCity.