eyeOS: Web Based Desktop OS

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Welcome to eyeOS, a web based desktop system. With eyeOS you can access your data and your applications anywhere, anytime. A virtual office in your hands, no need to install anything in the computer. Everything lives in the browser, for you and your work colleagues. eyeOS is open source and free software. Set up freely an account on our servers or, if you prefer it, install it in your server. Make your life easier with the virtual word processor, calendar, file manager, messenger, browser and other applications. And if you want more applications, just visit the eyeOS Application Database!

I still haven’t tested it, but I will soon (activation email still not arrives… :( ). If it’s as I think, it can be a revolution in SOHO (I hope JS it’s not heavy for my “little” iBook :D ).

Update 01: no email activation needed :P Update 02: a color-full, nice and funny environment with many applications. It is a beta software, but seems to be stable and features-rich. Applications like calculator, pac-man-applets, browser ( ;) ), sticky-notes, contacts book, the basket trash… everyone with a beautifull style.

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