WP-SlimStat: Stats, stats and... stats!

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«Track your blog!» screenshot Wp-SlimStat is a statistic plugin for WordPress.


  • automatically imports wp-shortstat tables and data
  • multiple views available: details, today, this week, etc
  • liquid layout: optimized for 1024×768 and 800×600
  • metatags to show stats on your blog
  • fully localizable (italian translation will be included soon)
  • code and database optimizations
  • improved browser and platform detection
  • tracks searches made through Wordpress search form
  • daily reports by mail
  • shows visitors and unique IPs, not just hits
  • shows database size (in Kbyte)
  • ability to remove older data to reduce database size
  • use of a local ip-to-country database, not a remote service
  • fully explained source code on how to customize it
  • (available from v1.2) draws charts for most important data

I installed it last night and it seems to work very very good (and smarty): no configuration, no code-editing, no usefull configurations. Only WORKS.

A very good Italian-piece-of-code (it demonstrates that we can also make good software, it isn’t? ;) ).