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ADC Since now, Apple makes “only” good howto to make simple application, helping developers to learn our beauty technology: Apple calls these howtos “Sample Code”. It was a good thing. Sometimes, howtos was very very “advanced”, using technologies too much difficult to understand in “few words”. It was a bad thing.


The Apple Developer Connection is pleased to deliver "Building a Sample Core Data Application," the first in a new series of tutorials that combine text with QuickTime video clips to demonstrate exactly how to work with key Mac OS X Tiger technologies. It's a new kind of technical resource, one that enables you to experience firsthand the powerful capabilities of development technologies such as Xcode 2, Core Data, and Cocoa bindings.

Update Apr 2 2006: Done. 3 lines of code for:

  1. Document Based App
  2. Spothlight integration
  3. Save and Load features
  4. Saving in XML, SQL and Binary format (?)
  5. Apple look&feel

O_O !!! I haven’t any words to explain my astonishment.