MacBook predicted

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Black Macbook From Think Secret:

May 5, 2006 - Following up on our report earlier this week concerning the MacBook's May availability, sources have nailed down next Tuesday, May 9, as the introduction day for the Intel-based laptop. ... Update - May 6, 2006 Additional sources have confirmed the MacBook's announcement this Tuesday. Further, sources report that the MacBook will be thinner than current iBooks, will be available in both black and white configurations, and will likely cost slightly more than previous iBook models—not unlike the price increase Apple's Mac mini saw with its transition to Intel processors.

A Black MacBook? I love new MacBook Pro, but various problems with battery life and hotness convinces me to wait for the next-pro-generation… and/or for the iBook’s sons!!! (very nice, in black ;) )

I will wait very interested for “The Next Big Thing” from Apple…

Source, Melablog.