JPound 1.0 - First Official Release

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JPound Test Logo

This is the first official release of a new project, JPound:

JPound is a Control and Configuration System for Asterisk PBX Based on the ARA (Asterisk Realtime Architecture) and builded with DB-Centric-Systems in mind, JPound is a young but powerful (I hope ;)) idea to make Asterisk a complete, manageable, extensible, flexible Phone System. Actually, JPound version is 1.0 stable. The main structure is good defined and it seems to be solid but extensible. I have many idea about future services and expansions: it's a 'testing-the-field' release. ...

Here the project official page, hosted on the Google Code Site.

Sources are accessible using SVN: instruction on the site.

Comments/impressions/ideas/suggestions are very very wellcome.