Installing a Bind9 Master/Slave DNS System

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Welcome In this howto we will install 2 bind dns servers, one as the master and the other as a slave server. For security reasons we will chroot bind9 in its own jail. Using two servers for a domain is a commonly used setup and in order to host your own domain you are required to have at least 2 domain servers. If one breaks, the other can continue to serve your domain. Our setup will use Debian Sarge 3.1 (stable) for its base. A simple clean and up2date install will be enough since we will install the required packages with this howto. In this howto I will use the fictional domain "linux.lan". The nameservers will use and as there ip. Some last words before we begin: I read Joe's howto (also on this site) and some more tuts but none of them worked without some tweaks. Therefor, i made my own howto. And it SHOULD work at once :)

A interesting howto. Take a look ;) .

Source, OSNews.