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Today, 2 pictures:

Glory Hole Closed Glory Hole Opened
Thing: The Glory Hole Abstract:The Glory hole is a non- regulated spillway, which is located about 200 feet behind the dam. The outside diameter of the Glory hole is 72 feet. The hole in the center tapers down to no less than 28 feet. The distance from the crest (top edge), to the exit point which is situated in the south side of the canyon, is about 700 feet. The crest of the Glory hole, sits 16 feet lower than the crest of the dam. When and if the water level of the lake rises to 15 1/2 feet over the top of the Glory hole (its maximum design), it will release 48,400 cubic feet per second, or in layman's terms, 362,000 gallons every 1 second !

Intelligence + Beauty = Art!

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