Month of Apple Bugs: another Fake?

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BugMy friend V.V. (thank you, dear V.) sent to me this link: Coming in January: “Month of Apple Bugs”. This “article” speaks about an “hypothetical” developer, called “LMH”, who will start, in January 2007, an entire month dedicated to “searching for MacOSX bugs”.

Mmmm…. Ok, I love MacOSX, and I love every Unix System too (Linux Rulez!!! ;) ) but… I think that: this “announcement of power” has only 2 possible whys:

  1. LMH need a job and is trying to highlight himself
  2. It's a mediatical-strategy to discredit Apple and it's credibility

I think: when you are REALLY INTERESTED in make good things, like…

LMH said that while his upcoming project had the potential to at least temporarily make security more tenuous for the average Mac user, he believes that in the long run the project will improve OS X security.

Find out the problems before, then make a very well documented “path” to every bug and, after, send it to Apple with the condition that Apple MUST ANNOUNCE and FIX every bug. If Apple will not respect your condition, publish every information.

Or, simplier, publish the result of your “research”: does not YELL to the internet world how is long your p***s… without a demonstration before.

That’s my opinion.