System Rescue CD v0.3.0 released

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Main changes:

0.3.0) 2006-12-20:
  • Updated the kernel to Linux- with Reiser4
  • Added xorg graphical environment with WindowMaker
  • Added gparted-0.3.3 to replace qtparted
  • Added ntfs3g-beta-20061212 (full NTFS Read/Write)
  • Added graphical editors (gvim, leafpad)
  • Added graphical web browsers (firefox-2.0 and dillo)
  • Updated the file-system tools (parted, e2fsprogs, xfsprogs, ...)
  • Updated the system (glibc, clamav, ...)
  • Updated the bootdisks

I used it a couple of times to fix my linux-box and, in general, my pc. It’s the swift knife of every good admin. The only “fault” of it? The project is growing only on x86: PPC is sucking.

p.s. I want to highlight to you the most important features in this release, for me: the usage of GParted, better of any other partitioning tool on linux, and the driver NTFS3G.