Solved! Rubik vs. Detro 0-1

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When I was in [en:London] for the first time, I buyed a [en:Rubik’s Cube] (I have never found it near my home). Yeasterday Yesterday, saying seeing “The Pursuit of HappYness” (a very good work of the italian directory director [en:Gabriele_Muccino Muccino]… and a GREAT [en:Will_Smith Will Smith]), the curiosity growed-up: the Rubik Cube was on my desk.

After the movie, I started to look for help and howto for this game: the best I found is by Gaetano Zumbo (thank you very much). It’s in italian, but it contains a lot of example, techniques, tips and 3d animation in [en:Java3D].

Another method for the resolution of this “brain teaser”, take a look at RubikIllusions.

Continue for the video.

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