Virtualization? Why not?

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Virtualization … because the [en:Microsoft|M$’s] mormons think to squeeze money from consumers also from this. I’m reading on TUAW that:

... This means that if you want to run Vista on Parallels, and want to keep within the terms of the EULA, you'll need to buy either the Business or Ultimate versions, whose [en:EULA]s allow for virtualized use...

M$ wants to control also the “environment” where Vista runs, not only what runs INSIDE Vista. Does it sound like… [en:Mafia]? Where is our freedom to install the buyed system ANYWHERE WE WANT TO?

And, if someone says: “And what do you think about [en:Mac OS X] that runs ONLY on a [en:Machintosh Mac]?”. Ok, right. They are very different kinds of [en:Operating_System Operating System]. Mac OS X is made to work in this way ONLY (on a Mac). Vista is made to work wherever the customer want. But, with this EULA, things are changing…