I'm IN!

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Symbian Less than 30 minutes ago I have received THE call from G. A. from Symbian Ltd. Human Resources. I was waiting this call until the last 22nd of January, the day I came back from [en:London] after the Assessment Day of Symbian.

Few details:

  • Position: Software Engineer in London Office
  • Starting date: 2nd week of April
  • Salary: ENOUGH ( ;) ) x Year + 2 retouch during the first 2 years
  • Type: Permanent Contract

I’ll go in London for a “briefing” on [en:C++] in the second week of March: I don’t need the briefing so much, I’m not so young with C++… but it’s a very good chance to exercise my english. ;)

I’m very very very very… very very very… very very HAPPY!!!

Hey guys, I’m IN! I’m finally moving to London!!! A DREAM, a so loved, waited and desired DREAM is becoming REALITY!!!