DRM-Free Music on iTunes: it's official!

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EMI logo Every (almost) web site is say the same thing: today is a big day for the freedom (of the music and the customers). The Jobs’s tought is now reality. [en:EMI] (in the person of the CEO, Eric Nicoli) and [en:Steve_Jobs|Jobs], in a live blogging on Engadget, announce that, starting on May 2007, iTunes (and, probably, any other EMI music reseller) will sell music without any DRM.

Details can be found on:

Only other 2 words:

  • the quality is higher (256kb/s) but also the price ($1.29 per song). Instead, the price of the videos will remain the same ($1.99 per video). Not so good for the little wallets, but the first step in the good direction.
  • And, what about other majors? Actually, no other majors has joined "this big step forward" but, as Jobs has said a lot of time, «Someone makes history, the others simply follow».