Laurie is also a novel author

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The Gun Seller Thanks to tv|blog I have disclosed that [en:Hugh Laurie] is ALSO a novel author. On 1996, Hugh has written [en:The Gun Seller]:

The Gun Seller (1996) is Hugh Laurie's first, and to date only, novel. It concerns former Scots Guards officer Thomas Lang and his reluctant involvement in a conspiracy involving international arms dealers, terrorists, the CIA, the MOD, beautiful women and fast motorcycles. Wary of becoming another "celebrity author", Laurie initially submitted his manuscript pseudonymously, only revealing his identity after it had been accepted for publication and was persuaded by his publicist to publish the book under his real name for the sake of publicity.
It’s interesting: Hugh doesn’t like publicity. I don’t take these information as “true for sure because it’s on wikipedia”, but, if it would be true, it would be interesting how similar is the insecurity between Laurie and [en:Gregory_House House].

The book is written in english (of course) and available in other languages also (I have found it in Italian (Il Venditore di Armi) and Spanish (Una noche de Perros) also).

And it’s not everyting. Hugh has written another novel also: The Paper Soldier. Actually is on pre-order on Amazon. And… I didn’t find any other information on Google. If someone of you could… post a comment, please.