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Hide-a-Pod [en:London] is one of the best place… if you want to steal an iPod: as average, every train in the tube has 10 iPods inside. And other 5 are inside any bus.

But, because of this, the number of pod-snatching is very very high, and you can see in every station (particularly in Camden Town ;)) ads suggesting to “take care of your belongings”, a lot of them dedicated to the [en:iPod Pod] of [en:Steve_Jobs Jobs].
But now, there is a solution: and it comes from the smallest (LOL) competitor of iPod: [en:Zune The MS Zune]!!! It is called Hide-a-Pod!!!
Introducing Hide-a-Pod You love your iPod. It’s a great product. You take it everywhere and you use it every day. But owning a device so desirable and fashionable as an iPod comes with one major drawback . . . the iPod has become a target for theft. So how can you take your iPod out of your home without fear? Welcome to the Anti-Social You made a smart choice in choosing an iPod. And now you can protect it from theft and still enjoy using it in public with the new Hide-a-Pod anti-theft case. It’s really very simple. Just tell us what iPod model you want to protect and we provide a gutted and hinged Zune with our custom molded iPod casing adapter. We also include a custom cable from the Zune’s controls (see FAQ) and audio output jack that you simply plug into your iPod. No iPod modifications are necessary.
Take this, [en:Bill_Gates Bill].

Source, The Apple Blog.