50 days in the Big City

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50 When I began this new experience, during the BootCamp, a Teacher/Employee of Symbian, L.Simpson (yep, “Simpson” :-D ) said:

Wellcome to the Big City!!!

He was referring to the amount of code [en:Symbian OS] is made of. But I think it can be applied to everything here. The feeling of being part of something big.

It is Frightful… but Fascinating and Stimulanting too.

Actually, I’m (and I’ll be for a lot) “no one” here… but I see a lot of young guys like me doing important things. And this is the most stimulating thing: I Could!

P.S.: 50 is the effective number of working days, so I excluded weekends and the BootCamp. I joined Symbian on the 16th of April! ;)