The more you Hide, The more I want to See!

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Update 14th August 2007: Look at this!!! The first NATIVE GAME for iPhone! Before that Apple itself release any game for it 8-O !!! for iPhone It’s true: [en:iPhone] is based on [en:Mac_OS_X|Mac OSX] and it is quite similar to it. Apple, from the beginning, has chosen to close it, avoiding to release any [en:SDK] or stuff like that.

Theoretically, the only thing a developer can do is to work on a Web 2.0/Ajax web app. That is not so bad, but… not enough. At least, for hackers that “likes to know more and more”.

What I like to think is: «The more you Hide, The more I want to See!». And is EXACTLY what’s happening with the iPhone APIs. People (not normal, we are speaking about hackers) are discovering more and more about it. How to unlock it to use different [en:SIM] then the [en:AT&T] one, the SDK used by Apple programmes of iPhone, the compiler configuration to compile for it (previous knowledge of [en:ARM_architecture ARM] phones is enough). Just Google for it around and you will find a lot of interesting informations about this.

So, I’d like to highlight just 3 of a lot of interesting posts (all 3 of them are from TUAW):

They are not the best example of what you can find/do: but… try to read them forgetting, for just a second, that you are speaking about iPhone. And then think about the [en:Steve_Jobs Jobs] presentation of it.
How beautiful is the [en:Human] [en:Mind]? Whatever is the problem, we find almost every time a solution to go ahead. To solve it. To look inside what is closed and hided to our sight. And the world of [en:Computer Science]/[en:Information_Technology IT], and particularly the [en:Reverse Engineering], is the one of the best example of these things.