iSync and SonyEricsson Symbian/UIQ 3.0 finally speaking

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W950i Thanks God, now I can [en:iSync]!!!

As someone probably remember, I switched from an [en:Nokia E70] to a [en:Sony Ericsson W950i].

In the beginning, it was not possible to synchronize my [en:iBook] with my new smarth-phone because of a “strange” implementation of the [en:SyncML] protocol on Sony Ericsson/UIQ 3.0 phones.

A lot of people has tried to figure out how to do it (Google for it), failing! But now [en:Sony_Ericsson] has finally released the relative plugins:

Enjoy! ;-)

Update 15th August 2007: BTW, the plugins (I tested on only the one for W950i) doesn’t synchronize Tasks (Todos). I really don’t know why ( :?: ). But it’s already a good lip ahead.