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Update 10th of Sep 2007: The name of the Restaurant is “Sig. Grilli - Ristorante Pizzeria” in 40 Goodge Street, London W1. I wrote a review about it in Italian ;)

It was parked in Tottenham Court Road. We were just out of an Italian Restaurant (£25.00 each… for a beef steak and House’s Red Wine!!!)… when I saw it:

Type 2
It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The mythic [en:Volkswagen] [en:VW_Type_2 Type 2 (aka Transporter)]!!!

Another one follow.

Type 2 (with a strage intrusion…)

Who the HELL they are? We really don’t know! 2 Girls with other 2 darkish Guys. They asked to Luca, the author of these beautiful pictures, «Why he was taking a picture of the ground!!!» O_o I thought to ask them to take a picture with the bus just to “shut them up”.

Stupidity, No Limits!