My iPod Video 30GB on eBay

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Update 2007-09-14: I re-listed it on eBay because they contacted me and said that I’ll receive my money for the 2 auction back. As usual, eBay has a great Customer Care (or, at least, this is my present and past experience about that).

Update 2007-09-12: I sold it twice. Twice was a spoof/fake. :(

A fake account on eBay bought it with the option “Buy Now”. Then he asked to me to send the product in Africa (Nigeria) and asked to me to pay with PayPal. In the beginning I thought it was strange… but with the money, I would sell also in Nicaragua.

Then, I received a fake-mail from PayPal, pretending to be the receipt of the payment. I checked, also on the PayPal website to be sure.

So, I spent €28 as fees for the Auctions… for nothing. I asked to eBay to have my money back… but I think there is no hope.

So, I putted it on for who is in London and could be interested in it. Come on!!! £170.00 is a very very cheap price for all this stuff! ;)

The Auction is for: iPod Video + Incase Sport Armband + Sennheisser CS-300 In Ear Earphones!

Details are on eBay. The Auction start from £150.00. If interested, why not Place a Bid?