One day you are here, the other...

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It’s incredible. She was here around with us, working with us. Managing the career of people. Of Software Engineer like me. English: controlled, polite but sociable and engaged and enthusiast in her job.

Vomiting. Strong Vomiting. Anyone assumed was just a Virus of the Flue a little bit stronger than usual.

My Engineering Manager’s email of yesterday:

What Suzanne thought was the sickness and vomiting bug actually turned out to be a small brain haemorrhage when she went to A&E last Wednesday night. Martin, Suzanne's husband, called on Thursday to let me know what was happening and indicated at that time that Suzanne would require an operation. On talking to him yesterday it transpired that Suzanne has had a subsequent haemorrhage on Sunday night....

Today she passed. This is just crazy.