Into the Android

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Android logo Last 2/3 months I used a bit of my free time studying Android the so called “Google OS”, that is the result of the Open Handset Alliance.

In this relatively short amount of time I had the possibility to collect information from the official sources, as well as from very interesting and active forums (like this one and this one). I had also the possibility to meet other experts during the Android Code Day event (here a summary what we did there). It was a very good place to ask important business related questions: I should say that the Google Developer Advocate Jason Chen was very keen to answer my tricky questions ;-) .

Spending other words on this here is quite pointless: half of the web speaks about it (while the other half speaks about iPhone ;) ). But I would like to share part of the result of this study:

  • A Presentation: "Into the Android" [PDF | HTML+Flash]
  • Video #1: MWC - Android running on different ARM-based devices [mp4]
  • Video #2: MWC - Android running on E2831 [mp4]
  • Source code of the Application I developed for study (actually, is just the Tutorial that comes with the SDK with much more internal documentation ;) ): VSNotepad.tar.gz.

The presentation explains different details of the Development process using the code of this application as an example.

The video are also on Youtube and embedded here after the jump.

</param></param></embed> Title: MWC - Android running on E2831
</param></param></embed> Title: MWC - Android running on different ARM-based devices