How Google works

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I was looking for info about [en:MapReduce] and I thought that would have been a good idea to take a look at the Tech Talks published by Google. Here we go.

</embed> Title: 2007 Seattle Conference on Scalability: MapReduce Used on Large Geographic Data Sets Location: Google Tech Talks June 23, 2007 Speaker: Barry Brumitt, Google Inc. Abstract: MapReduce is a programming model and library designed to simplify distributed processing of huge datasets on large clusters of computers. This is achieved by providing a general mechanism which largely relieves the programmer from having to handle challenging distributed computing problems such as data distribution, process coordination, fault tolerance, and scaling. While working on Google maps, I've used MapReduce extensively to process and transform datasets which describe the earth's geography. In this talk, I'll introduce MapReduce, demonstrating its broad applicability through example problems ranging from basic data transformation to complex graph processing, all the in the context of geographic data.

Other than just the topic of MapReduce technique itself, this guy, Barry Brumitt, gives an hint of “how things work” in Google (developer wise). And it’s not boring at all: is actually quite funny.