Lars and the Real Girl

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Lars and The Real Girl Yesterday, waiting for Morfeus (the God, not the Blue-Pill-Red-Pill Freak) to catch me and bring me to sleep. I had this movie in my beloved iPhone, “Lars and the Real Girl”.

It’s pure gold. A movie about a guy, Lars (Ryan Gosling), who has a very strange mental disease, that needs a Girlfriend but is unable to catch-and-kiss the classical Next-Door-Girl (Kelli Garner) that loves him… also if she is aware of his sickness.

More info and the full plot is on Wikipedia (for whom likes spoilering ;) ).

What I strongly suggest to follow is the recitation of what is not said: eyes, movements, expressions, breaths too. Everything is done in a perfect harmony. The perception is of a classical American town that is completely disconnected from the outside world, and mainly because of this is able to “help” Lars.

Best character? Dr. Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson). Her recitation is pure gold, a perfect not-yet-so-old woman who lost her husband and… now is just… lonely. During an “interview” with Lars she speaks about her self:

[...] Sometimes I get so lonely I forget what day it is, and how to spell my name. [...]

I strongly suggest to give a try to this movie. It’s slow and “delicate”: give it the time to catch your interest, and pay attention to every whispering (in there is the pure gold of this movie).