A new, even bigger City

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Symbian Software Ltd. logo After a year and a couple of months I’m going to leave Symbian Software Ltd. (London). It has been a very good experience as my first job in [en:UK]: a way to grow mainly, first as a [en:Man], then as a [en:Software Engineer]… and then professionally in general.

A lot of interesting, inspiring, intelligent people (and a lot of NOT), that showed me “their way”: I took where it was worth it, not where it wasn’t… and left where I was able to.

Orange logo I’m joining Orange Labs R&D, the [en:R&D] division for the Mobile sector of France Telecom in [en:UK].

A lot of new things are going to happen to me: new colleagues, new tasks, new technologies, new projects, … new stuff to learn, to understand, to share, to take, to give, to enjoy, to swear at ;-) . That’s Business (I suppose).

My official role will be “Symbian [en:Software Engineer]”, but they showed since the Interview a very big interest for my “Web expertice”: I practically spoke for 2 hours mainly about what I did in the past on the Web. From [en:Web Development], to [en:Ajax], to [en:Web Services], to [en:SysAdmin], to [en:DBA]. That was great: I was very stimulated from the possibility to mix what I do now, with what I did in the past.

My vision is this: Informations must be connected and available everywhere: Web and Mobile Applications are going to be one. Mobile Applications will query the Web to bring to the Users an rich and up to date “experience”. The world is going to be every day more Mobile and more Web Oriented, till we reach the point that the concept of phone as we know will simply disappear.

And my beloved iPhone is the perfect example. ;)

I’ll leave Symbian on the 30th of June, and start in Orange on the 1st of July: it’s going to be painful to have to wake up so early… so suddenly; that’s because the office of Orange, even if it’s in a beautiful place, is here. In Chiswick Business Park (yes, a business park with a dedicated Web Site!).

Chiswick Business Park Impressive, isn't it! ;-)

How can I end this Post? Mmm, nothing. Just wish me Good Luck!