Android Market: Google is that serious

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Security Question on Android About the news itself, I invite you to spend 2 minutes to read directly from the words of Eric Chu on the official blog.

Said that, what is not defined yet (just the screenshot you see here) is Security. Better, what exactly they have in mind? Just put on the Market WHATEVER the developer will come with and leave to the final user the burden of reading, understanding and accepting/rejecting the application. Based on just some words written on a little screen? Words that sounds like C3PO?

When I first met Jason Chen, a Google Android Developer Advocate who did the Android Code Day here in London, that «this idea was not going to work!». And all the other mobile developers agreed with me. And I still believe that sort of “Test&Approve” infrastructure is needed.

And one of the newest, but very noisy, guy out there is doing a decent job on that ;-) .

But I can be wrong. Or Google showed just “half of the cake”.

[Original Source: Android Authority]