Thinking aloud about my Career

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I don’t know exactly how to express what’s happening to me. I mean, to be quick, I’d say that “I’m doing well with my Career”. But that’s not my point here; and I don’t think you really care, do you? Plus, it’d show how little humble I’m: not really helpful social and friend wise. ;-)

Evolution ;)

Discovering Native Skills

What I’m realizing is that what we all have “Native Skills”. Skills that are not based on “what we studied”, but just “built-in” our self. Some of us are shy, selfish, pessimist, lazy. Some are sociable, selfless, optimist, proactive. Some have strong personalities, automatically suitable to command, even in “structures” where they are not supposed to. Some have weak and unconfident personalities, that are controllable even when they are “in charge”.

All this is not part of a training or a study: is just what life made us of. Events, facts, actions, problems: they “shaped” us in this way. And there is no course that is going to change this. Except, of course, some events…

For me, I recognize my self as a strong, dominating personality: this makes very easy for me to “go in charge” quite easily. Even when a particular project doesn’t have me as “manager”, my way of speaking, my strength on expressing what I think should be done, my flexibility about topics, and my ability of learning fast, quickly qualifies me as “the one to follow”. But, at the same time, I miss that “Politically Correct” touch. I’m not “diplomatic”. I say what I think, even if this can be offensive for someone. It’s why I know that I can’t be, at least at this stage, a Project Manager or even an higher level Manager.

Consolidating Personality

We all know what we are. At least, we keep learning about ourself all the life long. But we can all recognize a turning point, I guess. It’s when we realize that “we have our own personality”. Is when we completely drop our “high school” habit and start to act based on:

  • What we really like
  • What we really want
  • What we really feel

That’s important: it becomes our brand, what people recognize as “added value” on what we do.

Personally, I’m “consolidating” it. Living on my own, for almost 2 years now, is teaching me what I’m. What I like. What I want. And… how I feel about that.

Evolving Career

I’m an analyser. I always think about “why” and “how” and “what” and “who”. I always need to understand “What’s going on”. And who knows me, knows what I’m talking about.

I see the previous two points, Skills and Personality, as my driving factors now. I’m doing good, I must say. And, I think, it’s mainly because of that: not my knowledge or my studies, but my Skills and my Personality. And, for the same reasons, I’m realizing more and more what I can become… and what I can’t. It’s, at the same time, recognize my limits and focusing on my qualities.

What is going to happen next, I don’t know. I could discover new things, both good or bad about myself. But I’ll keep analysing.