Granpa Luigi - Sorbillo's Pizza

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Ladies and Gentleman, this is the BEST Pizza I have ever (EVER!) eaten in my whole life!


This Pizzeria, Sorbillo, is a family with a long History of “pizzaioli”. From fathers to sons, they passed down the knowledge, the secrets of how to make the real Napolitan Pizza.

Tonight I went there, completely unaware of where I was heading too: and I discovered the best pizza I have ever tried. This pizzeria also won the Prize of Best Pizza of the World! I don’t know in which year, but most probably they are still the best.

I eat and strongly suggest the “Nonno Luigi - Pizza Sorbillo” (in english “Granpa Luigi - Sorbillo’s Pizza”): a filled pizza that they first fry and then finish to cook in the oven. The ingredients were just SUPER! The best ingredients you could find in a napolitan pizza!

For tourists, friends or others: take my advice, go there and let me know! ;)

PS This post is not endorsed, paid, supported or anything like that. I’m 100% an astonished customer!.