I don't hate the Americans neither the Jews

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A dear friend of mine made me think about what I wrote in this previous post about the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Speech.

USA Flag

I’m sure that, who follows regularly my blog, knows, or at least has an idea, of what are my Political beliefs. But, just for the sake of being sure that no one gets insulted, I’d like to specify few simple facts:

  • I don't hate the American People, I actually like them very much
  • One of my oldest, but not doable, desires is to get a Master in USA
  • I hate the America's Politicians and their decisions of the last years
  • I think it's fault of those politicians if the World has now as major fear "Terrorism": they needed it to make more money out of the status of perpetuals fear
  • I don't hate Jews and I believe that a big part of the Israeli People are against the War
  • I believe that Israeli politicians are nothing but just controlled puppets in the hands of America's Politicians, who tries to get more and more control over the Middle-East through Israel
  • I believe Israel creation is a crime made by the British, despite the world was just going out of a terrible war: the lesson was never really learnt
  • I believe Jews that lives in Israel are, for the majority, not involved in the "willing" of doing any war against any race: most probably Muslims and Israeli would live in peace easliy if they were not ruled by criminals
  • I do have hope in Obama: I hope this man can, leap after leap, bring USA to a change

Hope this clarify my position: the only people that should get upset for what I say are too powerful to care about me…