Chrome Experiments

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WOW! I mean… WOW! Look at what people are doing using the power of HTML5 + a very fast Javascript Engine!


Those experiments are collected here: Chrome Experiments (note the subtitle: “Not your mother’s JavaScript” - LOL).

Bear in mind: this is not only because of Chrome itself. This is the power of HTML5 Canvas element, plus, of couse, the very (very) fast V8 Javascript engine). And indeed, I ran them on my Safari 4 beta without a glitch: the Javascript engine, SquirrelFish Extreme (SFX) is pretty good too.

I knew HTML5 is gonna be BIG, but I never thought “that BIG”. Not in terms of “it’s not doable” but in terms of “who can be that mad to do it!!!” :D Evidently, there are a lot of “maddos” out there ;)

Source: Official Google Blog.