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This morning, while I was reading the Daniele Luttazzi’s blog and his series of post called “La Palestra” (“The Gym” in English), I decided that was worth it to translate some of the best I read. “The Gym”? Luttazzi publishes satyric jokes on his blog, from a collection of ones that he receives from his fans. But why? Because I think some of them are good even in English. Italian’s latest events are being publicized on international newspapers lately. This makes it possible to get those jokes.

There you go!

No Jokes Please

«Night visit of Berlusconi to Gheddafi’s tent, where the president staid for half an hour». Ghedini (one of many Berlusconi’s lawyers) says «There were also the parents of the Lybian Leader». (Stefano Picardi & Matteo Bianchini)

Vote in Iran: 3 deaths during protests. Now Ahmadinejad has 100% of the consensus. (Stefano Pisani)

Fini goes hard on: «Once upon a time dictators where on time.» (Ernesto Montale)

The raìs waited at the House of Deputies. Fini (Head of the Italian’s House of Deputies): «Unjustified delay». The libic president: «I was on the phone with the turkish premier Erdogan» (Giovanni Tosato)

From Libia we will receive immigrants and gas. Satisfaction for the North League (Italian xenophobe party): «Now we just need to put them together» (Stefano Barco)

Berlusconi: «Soon new law againts pictures; the Italians are tired of being photographed in parties in their mega-villas with dozens of topless women». (give title)

Disclaimer: I’m not the author of any of the jokes on this post. I just translated them, reporting the name of the author as done by Luttazzi himself. If you have any problem with me reposting them, please ask and I will remove it straightaway.