Git-over-SSH through Socks 5 Proxy on Windows

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Because of my work, I use crappy M$ Windows in my office. And we are behind a bidirectional firewall.

So, how do you do if you need to pull/push code with Git-over-SSH in this scenario? You need a Socks 5 that passes the firewall, and some scripting.

First, you need to install:

Then, you need a script that connects to the Socks 5 server. Like: [sourcecode lang=’bash’] #!/bin/sh

Filename: /path/to/

This script connects to a SOCKS proxy using Connect.c

/path/to/connect.exe -S your.socks5.server:1080 $@

A script that opens an SSH connection using the connection opened by the previous script:
[sourcecode lang='bash']
# Filename: /path/to/
# This script opens an SSH connection through a SOCKS server
ssh -o ProxyCommand="/path/to/ %h %p" $@

Finally, another script that you need to source in the same Bash session you are going to use Git: [sourcecode lang=’bash’] #!/bin/sh

Filename: /path/to/

This script sets Git to use the SOCKS proxy

export GIT_SSH=”/path/to/” export GIT_PROXY_COMMAND=”/path/to/” ```

Again, don’t forget to source this script before using Git.

Thanks to ThreeBytesFull, from which I re-adapted the scripts to work on Windows.