QDetroBro: Experimenting with Qt on S60

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The best way to learn a new language or a new framework is to find an idea and implement it. So I’m doing for Qt on S60. So I decided to implement a dummy browser that has some smart/attractive/peculiar/interesting/funny bits. QDetroBro

Because I’m lazy to package and attach code, and because is always good the evolution of a project from the ground-up, I decided to post it on my GitHub account. You can find it at: http://github.com/detronizator/QDetroBro/tree/master.

It passed through 3 major phases:

  1. v0.1-beta - Ultra-dummy browser with very "boring" UI. The entire code was in only 1/2 classes (power of Qt and Signal-Slots). Commit: f49bd...
  2. v0.2-beta - A lot of interesting new bits, like Animations, Stylesheet-themed Widgets and so on. Commit: dae20...
  3. v0.2.2-beta - The current release. Commit: 240c5...

If you want to take a look at it to see what Qt on S60 can enable, please do. You can download the latest build from here.

Ah, of course there are requirements to run Qt code on S60. You find what to install on your phone here (“Demos for your S60” section).